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     In the last three years many people have lost a sizeable portion of their life savings in the stock market or in other investments. And frequently they sustained the losses while following the advice of a stockbroker or investment advisor. Those investors often don’t realize that misconduct by their stockbroker or investment advisor may have caused their losses, and they may be able to recover the losses in a private court system called arbitration.

     Broker and investment-advisor misconduct come in various forms. A broker or investment advisor may recommend an unsuitable investment, so that a person’s entire capital is exposed to risk that is too large given her financial situation. Or a broker may churn his client’s account, which is his needlessly buying and selling securities just to generate sales commissions for the broker. A broker may also deliberately misrepresent an investment, which is fraud. In fact, most kinds of broker and investment-advisor misconduct are too technical for an unsophisticated investor to detect.

     Attorney Stephen A. Katz is available to bring arbitration claims against brokers and investment advisors who have wrongfully caused their customer to sustain investment losses. And as part of that service, Katz evaluates an investor’s case free of charge to see if she has a viable securities-arbitration claim.

     So if your stockbroker or advisor may have caused you investment losses, please explore this website. Its descriptions of broker misconduct and investors’ recoveries may resemble your situation. And you can learn about arbitration: how long it takes, how much it costs, what it will require from you. If you think this material applies to you, you may contact attorney Katz directly to find out if you have a case.



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